Lunar Eclipse

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The lunar eclipse blood moon, brings about a great change that we are all experiencing. When the moon is full, we all express more emotion. We are more sensitized with our emotional state of being. And when we have a blood-moon lunar eclipse that is as long as this one is means, changes are abounding.

Aquarian change through the fluidity of our consciousness is occurring. And this is occurring with our conscious, subconscious and unconsciousness. We are at a crossroads with our desires. Both the desire to release and/or “let go” of all that does not serve. And the desire to expand and express anew, through inspiration and creative influences.

With much that we have accumulated that does not serve us any longer, we are being given an opportunity to release much emotional “baggage” of the past. Though we may have experienced some rather horrific experiences, we are to let…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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