Lauren Gorgo 7-25-18… “8:8 Lion’s Gate & the hidden doorway”

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Someone had pointed out this article as “relevant” to this recent Kp blog post (thank you SC). I felt there were several points in here that many may attune with.

“The tide is rising to another major culmination point as we move into the annual Lion’s Gate passage (7/26), followed directly by the full (blood) moon/total lunar eclipse in Aquarius (7/27)… and with Mercury turning retrograde to boot… the first partial/solar eclipse acted as a… activation/trigger point for the triad…

“…the second (lunar) eclipse will serve as a release point… releasing the karmic bylaws that we have lived by for multiple incarnations. This is the really deep, lifetimes-old stuff that has kept us bound to the wheel of reincarnation and we now have a solid opportunity to lay these illusory storylines to rest. For good.… [this] offers us an opening to activate more of our (higher dimensional)…

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