Blood Moon Eclipse: Soul Star Chakra to provide a CLEAN SLATE


vm05d24_chandra-grahan-lunar-eclipse_625x300_26_July_18The second Eclipse of the current Eclipse Trinity has been unusual in it’s calm and nurturing  gentelness without sacrificing any of it’s potency . And this is exactly  how it should be because it was all about providing a “Clean Slate” to the Wisdom and Love of the Divine Feminine. As I settled into its energies at the time of the eclipse, unfortunately I couldn’t see it thanks to cloudy skies, I was told that a “Clean Slate” ( Total Reboot) is being provided. I was then shown the Soul Star Chakra being activated with the Blood Moon energies.Soul-Star-Chakra-Activation-500x500

This activation  of the Soul Star Chakra I’m told will bring about a whole cleansing clearing and  recalibration of the Divine Fiminine Wisdom and  Love particularly aspects of the Mother Wound born from the Pain and Woundings the Feminine feels for conforming and living in a Patriarchal Society. The sum total…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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