Our Solar System is Moving into a Potentially Dangerous Interstellar Energy Cloud (Or One That Will Trigger Ascension) [VIDEO] ~ July 26, 2018

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((GC note: This video covers some of the same material researched by David Wilcock, who emphasizes the likelihood that this region of space is likely to stimulate rapid spiritual evolution, or ascension. Some of his scientific sources also speak in this language, but others paint a grimmer, materialist picture of the effects.))

Our solar system is moving into a potentially dangerous and destabilizing interstellar energy cloud. The solar system is travelling through much stormier skies than we thought, and might even be about to pop out of the huge gas cloud we have been gliding through for at least 45,000 years. That’s the implication of a multi-decade survey of the interstellar wind buffeting the solar system, which has revealed an unexpected change in the wind’s direction. The edge of the solar system is roughly defined by the heliosphere, a giant magnetic bubble blown by charged particles streaming from the sun…

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