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Source:Energetic Synthesis  | by Lisa Renee

Dear Ascending Family,

These are extremely challenging times for the people of the earth, who are enduring the trials of planetary ascension without any context; standing in the cross fire of the war over consciousness and grabs for territory happening between tyrannical power mongering humans and Archontic nonhumans, while all the spiritual knowledge of multidimensional anatomy, consciousness as energy, spiritual lightbody, negative aliens and demonic forces, humanities true star origins and galactic history is being completely concealed from the public. Along with the fact that the human body is designed to undergo biological spiritual ascension into higher dimensional frequencies and shift consciousness by changing the way we think – which is happening to us right now while all of this critical information about Ascension and our real identity is being suppressed, manipulated and gaslighted by the mainstream media.

Most of humanity is travelling…

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