Dear Beloved Readers – 7-25-18 -Our New Golden Age Is Near!

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Huge changes are about to happen!

We are here to witness these changes and assist Gaia.

News Reports will reveal Truth.

Divine Neutrality will keep you centered,.

Please always be in your Heart-Mind.

Our Mission is Sacred.

God’s Light within You will over-light Humanity

and awaken the People.

We are in Unity Consciousness.

We will have our New Golden Age!


Today’s suggestion is  about following the alt reports.

Go into your Heart.

Highest Discernment needed.

This is  the time of great revealing.


Take only what you need from these websites:

Please bookmark this post. More will be added.

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Kauilapele’s Blog

Before its News

Operation Disclosure

More will come.


I send my Love and Gratitude to all of You!



Please suggest your favorite News Reporterss

in the Comments section.

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