Massive Energy Shift ~ Blood Moon With Longest Lunar Eclipse Of The Century ~ July 24, 2018

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A total lunar eclipse isn’t exactly uncommon, in fact, it is estimated that we see an average of 2 every 3-year period. However, the total lunar eclipse that we are expecting on July 27th is a little unique. Why? Experts say that this will be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century, and it coincides with the Full Blood Moon.

A total lunar occurs when the Earth comes between the moon and the sun, creating a shadow as it blocks the sun’s rays from reflecting off the moon’s surface.

At the point of total eclipse, the entire moon is covered by this shadow, leaving it completely black and void of any light. The entire process is expected to last almost 4 hours in length, which is incredibly long for this phenomenon. To put it into perspective, the last total lunar eclipse on January 31st, 2018 lasted…

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