All is in Divine Order – by Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

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All is in Divine Order – by Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

Posted: 24 Jul 2018 02:47 PM PD

Dear Ones,

All is in Divine Order. With these words you experience the Oneness that lives at the base of each experience. In every moment there is contraction and expansion with your breath. Not attaching to the next breath but allowing the breath to flow through you, doing as it does, receiving and releasing.

Ease and Grace transpires as you breathe in and out, and so it goes throughout life.

When the waves of change are upon you, as they inevitably are in this momentous time, come back to the breath. In that place Divine Order prevails. God is living within the breath. God is the Light shining through the center of all that is transpiring.

You are here to hold the frequencies of Divine Light. All you need to…

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