Kp Message 7-21-18… “A Few Points” (and why do these messages like to come at 2:00 in the morning (dammit!))

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There’s a lot going on, that’s for sure. So and so is doing this and that and so and so is doing that and this. This person’s yelling about that person, and that person’s yelling about this person. This person’s “freaking out” about Trump, and that person’s “freaking out” about the person who’s freaking out about Trump.

And there’s “name calling” here, “name calling” there, “name calling” there, “name calling” here, “name calling” here, “name calling” there.

And each person has a view about this, and a view about that.

So in the end, my comment (as a supposed “Light-type worker”) is:

“For God’s sake, just rise above ALL of it (dammit).”

In the end, I’m not needed to “work on” people’s individual understandings. I do believe it is very important to allow each person to come to their own understanding of what “fits” them, and what is “theirs” to…

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