Being More Wave Than Particle

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Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks of being more of the form of a wave versus a particle, from the perspective of a physical being and consciousness. What does this mean?

When we look at scientists pondering photons  and sub-atomic particles (electrons, protons) they speak of these as acting in either a wave form or in the form of a particle. And it seems apparent that being a wave is less dense and more flexible versus a particle. And as such he brings this analogy forward, when referring to states of being and consciousness.

When we act, consciously speaking, as a “particle” we operate in 3D, time. We, in fact, limit ourselves to expressing through the 3rd dimensional realms. Where time and space, occur, in a linear format. And this “time lag” is somewhat complex to perceive from. As our desires come about through time and space.

Yet, when we act…

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