Kp Message 7-20-18… “Allowing the Universe to Unfold”

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There are a large number of energetic outbreaks going on right now. Individually, collectively, cosmically… At least I hope that’s what I’m sensing right now…

I feel that my life path is at a stopping point, maybe a resting point. There’s been no draw or movement or pull to do “energy work” or anything like that. It’s also like I’m sensing “I need to be moving”, but have no sense about “where”, or “when”, or “how”.

It’s almost like I’m done with this planet. Maybe I’ll be moving to another one.

I honestly don’t feel like moving, though… anywhere. I just want to remain where I am, feed the birds and my chicken, pet Mira, walk with Mira, and stay away from all the humans that are so NOT awake.

So who knows where all this will go. We shall allow the Universe to unfolds itself before my eyes.


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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.