Inner Child Transmutation/Healing As A Key Aspect Of Ascension

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

Your Inner Child is not the woundedness, shyness, hurt and shame that they feel. That is the emotional energies they have experienced in 3D life from traumatic experiences that didn’t get digested when they needed to be….in the moment that the trauma occurred. If there had been an open-hearted/open-souled caregiver to digest the trauma, your Inner Child would remain wholy and holy in much higher frequencies of love and soul essence and innocence.

Instead, it is so often our caregivers who CAUSE the trauma and who repeat the abuse that they experienced too with their caregivers. They are innocent in this in a way as they don’t know any other way to BE yet (esp. if they have not awakened their soul frequencies to realize the patterns and choices here.) It is a cycle of undigested trauma passed down like a legacy of woundedness through birth families…

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