Stepping into A Higher Version of You ~ 11:11 ~ AS Light Frequency

When you SEE the new higher light version of you ~ the part that is witnessing the higher light version OF YOU  is the level and frequency of light that is merging and dissolving into the Higher.
Then when integrated ~ that integrated Light Part observes the next new higher light version of you and is the next level and frequency of self ~ to be dissolved and merged.
So what do you then do?
Become the New You and integrate with each breath the higher frequencies of Light.
WE are transmitting constantly and increasing the absorbable Light Photons into all of consciousness everywhere.
This is a frequency of Light that is Love and consciousness itself, as it is always whole and always in its Original Light form.
Embrace yourself as Light.
Breathe this in.
We are transmitting, now.
It is a constant flow of Divine Original Light.
Feel and…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.