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Finding Lasting Contentment and Fulfillment in a World of Change

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The pace of change is hotting up across our planet day by day. If it’s not the system constantly introducing new ways to occupy oneself, new distractions to entertain or enslave, new gadgets and widgets that we simply must have, then there’s The Shift itself, which is pulling at the very bedrock of our reality. To add to the complexity, the soul is constantly looking for new expression and evolved ways of being. So in this cauldron of profound change, how might we find lasting contentment and fulfillment? It’s a tricky balancing act, but there is certainly a way, providing we focus on some key essentials:

The matrix is founded on ancient light

As many people awaken, there’s the thoroughly understandable desire to abandon the matrix, to pull away from the enslavement of society and its nose-to-the-grindstone compulsion. But the path is not as simple as that. As we awaken we may castigate the matrix, but it only exists at all, and is so successful, because it is founded on some form of truth – an ancient light – a reality construct designed for people to explore karmic attachment based on some form of distortion of truth.

Even in the matrix itself, you can still find light. Music and entertainment for example, that encourage people to unleash more of themselves; the internet and social media, that connect people on a platform of technology. Crucially, the soul itself is continually looking for ways to express The One, and to deny this, would be to suppress our authentic expression, leading ultimately to frustration and lack of fulfillment.

So in the complex dynamic of the matrix, how do you find true contentment?

Exploring the Sense of Satisfaction

Firstly, lasting contentment doesn’t arise from something we consume or acquire. Although you can gain temporary fulfillment. Take food for example, often people in society eat even though they’re not necessarily hungry. What often fuels the ‘hunger’, is a craving for some sense of satisfaction, or else there’s emotional eating to deaden discomfort with life itself. Think about it, in any given 24hrs, most people don’t actually eat for that long, yet the satisfaction comes from consuming and feeling filled afterwards (essentially we’re placating the Pain of Existence…here’s more on breaking through that).

But this is not true fulfillment, because it depends on the need for something physical to make one feel whole. And mostly, it’s not allowing the soul itself to be fully expressed, rather it is mostly dampened by the effect (the exception would be when we’re consciously eating aligned foods that unleash soul).

Fasting is a highly illuminating way to explore this, because you confront the craving that makes you want to consume, and what happens when you don’t. The craving binds people in emotionally, mentally and physically. But with commitment and persistence, you can relatively straightforwardly break down the cravings – it happens by penetrating deep into the feelings with awareness, challenging the very myth that somehow these feelings must be placated. Essentially you transform the feeling into something more aligned. Emptiness becomes the magic of potential for example, or a sense of lightness and aliveness.
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The Illusion of physical/emotional fulfillment

A good way to challenge the way we enslave ourselves through emotional/physical/mental neediness, is through ongoing intermittent fasting, where you fast for up to 18 hours every day. It gives the body time to regenerate internally, but essentially, it also gives you the chance to confront cravings and break them down by bringing full awareness into them. Remember, these cravings are not just about the idea of needing physical sustenance, but also simply being fulfilled and satisfied emotionally, physically and mentally – they are illusions!  Please continue reading

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