Pilgrimage of Heart- Personal Update

New Earth Unity Foundation


Beloved light family,
Current waves inviting us to different appearances in our earthy forms. Some into gatherings and working with Earth, some more tune in and working with the Source and Spirit. Whatever surface looks like and appear, our work is AWARENESS in TOTALITY of BEING, DOING and INTERACTING.
W come at the other side of July ready for our OWN CREATION through our chosen and higher frequency. Anytime we loss sight in or out, we just need to connect to HEART and feel the fluid love, alive and pulsing.
Honor yourself as the energy is intense and a big part of HUMAN Shadow collectively will leave or transform to highest light over the coming weeks.
It is right, we are becoming more free from condition and old programs and way of living, however, YOU are the CENTRE of your UNIVERSE, trust and honor your own truth above all voices…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.