New Moon Eclipse in Cancer ~ Springboard for the Soul!

Spiritual Warrior Path

Today, July 10, expansive Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio stations direct after being retrograde since March 8. This sets the stage for the coming New Moon Eclipse in Cancer on Thursday, July 12, which is sure to open you up emotionally as a result of some key life experiences.

Jupiter rules the truth and with it being in Scorpio, Jupiter wants to get to the bottom of whatever your Soul needs to confront. The New Moon in Cancer is opposing Pluto, the ruler for Scorpio, and the planet of metamorphoses, which is bound to bring you to the very edge of yourself and provide enough energy to catapult you forward into some brand new emotional territory.

While this is a partial eclipse, it is extremely powerful in nature due to Pluto being so intimately involved. As Souls we evolve via the emotional door, there is really no other way…

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