DNA Activation July 11 2018

LoveLight Meditation Circle

Greetings dear LoveLights ❤

Welcome to this DNA activation of higher vibrational light for July ~ the 11-7-11 Gateway (11+7+2018=11). Through 2018 we’ve been focusing with the unified energy of Divine Mother-Father-Child, to flow sacred Trinity of Divine Love vibration and actualization through our subtle and physical bodies ~ translating into and through our embodied forms as lifting the frequency of double helix DNA into union with subtle light-strands and codes aligned with the Ascension of Gaia. We began this year with the threefold sacred geometric forms of triquetra, triskele and yin-yang-yuan, and for the June Solstice activation, also brought in the ‘Open Flower of Life’, with ‘the doubled three’ as expressed through 6D vibrations of pure harmony in the Flower of Life (with the Flower opened in its centre, forming a six-pointed star with a hexagon centre).

For July, we’ll bring the seven-pointed star ‘through the 11-7-11 gate’, which…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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