KARA SCHALLOCK – Massive Energy Wave – Tsunami of Energy is Flowing to Earth Now – 7-9-17 – via Love Has Won

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By Kara Schallock

While we have wave after wave of high-impact Light flowing into us, one of the things that is impacting us is our perception. Our perception of ourselves and all things on Earth is shifting. Everything is new and unfamiliar. Observe it all with Compassion and understand what is happening, without the need to cling to the old, familiar way. It’s best to not put it in a box for contemplation; let it flow. In your Silence, you know. The chains that bind you to the old are dissolving. Pay attention to when you receive Truth. Each has their own way of doing this…some have goosebumps; some have expansion around the Heart and some vibrate. Only you know the Truth. There is no right or wrong; there are only different choices. Some choices expand you; others limit you. Feel before you choose.

Realize that any 

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