Take Refuge in The Temple ~ The One Within The Heart

The New Divine Humanity

In rapturous abandon, the eyes lay bare the soul, in love and in the twining, the molten lava pours.

In euphoric trembling, eternity speaks, tossing to and fro the winds, that bend the mightiest of trees.

Who are we to know, the love instilled, in the gentlest of kisses, that marks a life and a death, that the people are always missing.

The shadows and the darkness, light the way for weary souls, to a new dawn awaken, opening treasure upon the shore.

In jubilant exaltation, the wandering peasants, wear the crown, birthing starlight into water, turning life upside down.

The mystics and the magicians, say the merry-go-round is real, the new cycle is beginning, we never get off the ferris wheel.

In lovers eyes, we taste the magic, that leads our journey on, the dreams forever wander, enchanting us ~ beyond.

To who the one is guiding, the lovelorn and…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.