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Courtesy of OMTimesYou can reach out to the Spirit World to get the answers you need! Get Help from the Spirit World Many people believe that the Spirit World is part of our world. As a practicing medium, I believe that in reality, we are and always will be part of their world. The Spirit World is our real home. We all came from that divine place, as it’s made up of God, The Divine Source, Angels, Spirit Helpers, Guides, our loved ones, and our friends. They are made of the same energy as you, and that beautiful spiritual force that binds the Universe and heavens is also part of you. It’s the power of love that constantly keeps us connected to one another. One of my favorite sayings that you will often hear me repeat during my demonstrations is: “Those in the Spirit World want to talk to you—as much as you want to talk to them!” They want to help us, gently guide us and inspire us to be all that we can be here in the physical world. Sometimes we simply just have to ask. Those in the Spirit World cannot interfere with the karmic lessons you’re meant to experience in this lifetime, as these are the specific lessons you must learn on your own for the evolution of your soul. But the spirits can definitely assist you in various areas of your life through guidance, inspiration, divination, synchronicity, dreams, and the power of grace. I trust that those in the Spirit World have a higher view of all things and a deeper appreciation of the situations that are occurring in your life. It’s for these reasons that I felt inspired and compelled to make sure that, in my new book: ‘Bridging Two Realms – Learn to Communicate With… Continue Reading

Source: Can The Spirit World Help Us? – OMTimes Magazine

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