Thinking It Is A Problem Is The Problem!

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“When you say, ‘this is a problem’, guess what? It is! When you say, ‘I have a problem’, you do! You ARE affirming the problem.  Get it? It is really only a situation, an event, another person, but you are looking at it and declaring it AS a problem. It is whatever you declare it to be.

In reality, it is neither good nor bad. You know the saying, ‘one man’s meat is another’s poison’. ‘One person’s ceiling is another person’s floor.’ It is just a set of conditions, or circumstances, that you choose to view in a particular way. You react to it as you learned to react.

It is nothing until you declare it as something. Your judgment, your naming it, is A problem that makes it THE problem. Perception is everything. What you say IS WHAT YOU GET! Stop labeling events as troublesome or problems! Just stop…

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