Kp Message 7-5-18… “Something quite ‘Massive’ is now in motion”

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This has been “hitting” at my consciousness lately, particularly since after the 6-19 water incident I experienced, but much stronger the last week or so.

I feel this is happening on multiple vibrational levels, and particularly it is manifesting rapidly into the 3D vibrational arena. As I look at it, via “Higher Eyes” (whatever that means), here is what I’m seeing, regarding the “Massive” part:

  • Massive rising in consciousness among all humanity, in all parts of the planet.
  • Massive “illumination” of every single corner of (so-called) “darkness”, “shadows”, etc. This is on all levels, individual, group, social, political, planetary. Nothing will be hidden anymore, nor can it be.
  • Massive “chaotic boilings” occurring on all levels, including individual, group, social, political, planetary (we’re seeing lots of that right now (freak outs, incitements to violence from “peace loving individuals”, TDS*, etc.)). All that has been hidden is “boiling to the top”.


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