Emotions as Power We Own

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I recently read a wonderful article about emotions and their being interpreted as either wholly “negative” and/or to be “repressed” or excluded. Or wholly “positive” and always the “only” emotions to be expressed. Many chose to “include” only certain emotions, while “excluding/suppressing” other emotions. This brings to mind an expression I’ve learned from Bashar. The “reality” consists of “this and that”, not “this or that”.


At times, we tend to “focus” on the “positive” so much. That we may lead others astray, by not speaking of the “negative” we experience. And even stating positive/negative as a “term” with respect to emotions, is subject to “interpretation of expression”. How so?

Well, when our emotions “arise” and we experience something that moves us, in a very disharmonious way; i.e. (hate/dislike/anger/strife) etc.; we “naturally” want to “cut-off” the emotion. Whereas, when we “allow” the emotion to express itself fully. While maintaining a measure…

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