Allow the struggle to melt

Love's Beginning

You have a concierge. It is the wholeness of you, which is connected to everyone else, too. Allow the Whole to handle all the details for you.

When you attempt to handle details as a separate self, it hurts. Notice the pushing energy that enters when you are acting as a separate self. Notice the anxiety. Notice the foundational thoughts believed in order for struggle or effort to occur. When you allow action to flow, quite simply, from who you are, which includes who everyone else is, too, it is harmonic, and that is why there is no struggle.

If you encounter struggle, however, celebrate. You have undoing work to allow, and allowing this process of seeing through thoughts benefits you and everyone around you.

Emotional pain is always the result of stories believed, strings of thoughts accepted. Watch the thoughts. See what you accept. Notice that you, as love…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.