Sun Sirius Conjunction July 5/6 2018 Decoded


69113edb6fd348a0db14673ba932d295Those who relate to the Blue Ray, are unmistakably , intensely and in a life altering way  impacted  by The Sirius Gateway beginning with the Sun Sirius Conjunction July 5/6 2018.

It was the Sun Sirius Conjunction of 2016 that brought life altering changes ( read immensely challenging yet protective and supportive) that aligned me with my Gifts and Soul Purpose.

Sirius, Star of ISIS, Mother Higher Aspect of Gaia is our Spiritual Sun who dispenses to us Ascension and Mastery Codes activating our DNA, our Light Bodies, our rememberance of our Cosmic Origins, our Gifts and our Soul Purpose and Wisdom.

(To deviate slightly I have noticed since this Gateway opened that during meditation I suddenly seem to LIFT UP out of my physical self in a very physical sensation and tend to hover as a weightless mass just above my body?!?! Anyone?!?!)

At the Time of the Sun Sirius…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.