Kp Message 7-3-18… “Progress Update” and “Perspectives…” (…on all that’s going on “out there”)

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The body is feeling greatly more “together” the last couple days. One thing that helped was when I had to locate some papers and things for renewing my driver license, and as I went through my storage area, I actually cleaned out a lot of “crap” that had accumulated. Then went through my file folders and released a lot of items that I no longer needed. So that “clean out” apparently helped the body to “clear out”, too!

And today (7-2) I actually passed all the eye exams and had the proper documents to renew the license. Yay for that!! (and the photo came out very decent, as well!)

I’m sure some could say, “Well, the Essence of you does not require any kind of “license”, which is only required (by statute) to be used by those involved in commerce, so by getting the license you are remaining and supporting…

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