Kp Message (yet another one) 6-30-18… “Progressing”

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I know that what I’m experiencing is not necessarily the most important deal in the world, but what I’ve been going through has indeed felt like “the energies” have been precisely focused on my own personal BEingness.

In other words, I’ve felt like crap the last few days and even though I got through the WINDE period (Water Induced NDE) it still feels as though my body is not finished learning the lessons from it. It has been aching, throbbing, colding, possibly flu-ing, I have no real idea. As I said in yesterday’s message, I’ve been allowing “the process” to carry itself out and “move at its own pace”.

Every time I’ve tried to put on the “blogging clothes”, I’ve felt such a strong resistance to it and just could not get into that. Nothing wants to come out. And even though there’s tonnes and tonnes of Q posts…

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