It’s “Time” to DREAM Those Highest Vibrational Realities/Timelines into Y/our Physical Here – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Courtesy of Awakening To Remembering

As we move further through the illusions, dissolving the old dis-illusions and these powerful phases of multi-dimensional experiences, the beauty of what’s available to all who are truly ready to step-up/forth and transcend the “conditioning” (limits) and dis-empowering old, becomes more visible as the Veils of Amnesia (fog) clears…

UNITING AS THE LIGHT KEEPERS means that each has REMEMBERED the infinite POWER that they HOLD, as each transcends their own Matrix Realities once held in place by each’s “Level of Consciousness” (mentalities/emotions/beliefs), as the physical body is allowed to ascend, by way of natural support (sleep/rest/nature/alive food/fun/inner-connected states), all new “alternate” dimensions not visible before, actually physically appear…. peaceful energies, vibrant soft new colors/hues and beauty that inspires the heart/soul… and we realize how deeply asleep we all were before, which moves us into fulfilling our highest purposes and roles in assisting hUmaNITY with awakening through as much grace and ease as each will allow, because we understand what it takes to fully anchor Heaven on Earth into our physical here.

A HUGE part of multi-dimensionality is “learning” to allow yourself to DRIFT & DREAM, listening to what you perceive as “imagination”, to REALize that these are access to alternate/higher dimensional dimensions that are already real. Already real means that on a different, vibrational timeline, those realities have already occurred. Your human will discount or not-believe, because it seems “too far out there”, which is called “the separation of time”.  In order to anchor those REALities into your own physical experience, your every “moment” will be to achieve the overall physical vibration, with your body, with your life, which means that WITHIN YOUR EVERY DAY LIFE, you are DOing something to make it happen (activate it to occur), while sleeping enough to integrate your higher light consciousness fully, so that your body can start to reach the vibration where that reality already exists, and waits for you to truly and fully be ready for it! At first it’s baby steps, then it’s bigger ones, then it’s Quantum Leaps, so get ready JUMP into your new realities, without the safety nets/mechanisms of your own ego-lack-mentalities, as you can over-ride those, if you go deep inside and expand to connect to your own higher states of consciousness instead.  Please continue reading

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.