Community: The New Guru – Jack Adam Weber

Courtesy of Wake Up World

Community: The New Guru

July 3rd, 2017

By Jack Adam Weber

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“I owe you nothing.” I’m sure you’ve heard or spoken this popular meme before? Individualism and resigning to blowing off people is a modern norm. I believe it also to be a subtle and largely unrecognized effect of capitalism’s brainwashing and social deconstruction propagated by media and the powers that be.

After all, our entire economic system thrives on viewing others as competition, the enemy, and as objects to further our own success and agenda. Ironically, this system has expediently dehumanized and disenfranchised us from our richest commodity and sense of true security: one another. This in turn leads to apathy and violence if we aren’t aware of the effects and make other choices.  Please continue reading

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