Why ‘Having It All’ Doesn’t Make You Happy (& What Does)

Karma Yoga Daily

By Dulce Ruby, Collective Evolution

In Brief

  • The Facts: Material wealth does not equate happiness. One can be ‘on top of the world’ to the masses, but still be unhappy and feel a lack in their lives.
  • Reflect On: We are limitless beings experiencing life through our own personal lens, and as we journey forth it is important to remember that true wealth is that of sound mind, body, and Soul.

There are plenty of idioms I could bring to point in starting this article, but I won’t beat around the bush. We are all aware or have at the very least heard that ‘money can’t buy happiness,’ and within the spiritual community, we seem to understand the depths of that message. So why is it that some of us still seek to attain a life or lifestyle that seems to fall under that very pretense?  

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