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Happy Capricorn Full Moon

It is great to connect with you again. I haven’t been able to send a newsletter out since March so lots happened since then. I was able to put current info on my Facebook page but changing the techno for my newsletter plus a big initiation had meant doing the newsletter has taken awhile to get into.
We have experienced some huge shifts in those last three months and our bodies are transfiguring so beautifully.
Due to unforeseen circumstances I was not able to physically travel to Ireland and Avebury to facilitate the groups I had organised for bigger picture work. But was still able to do it from my home in NZ working mostly on the inner planes and tuning into the guidance required for the group and then via emails, what’s app calls and text.
I had been told on the inner last year in Scotland that it was the end of the group work at that level and I would next be training people. My higher self railroaded me to get air tickets and accommodation for the groups etc. for these amazing mission in May and June. Little did I know at the time that this was the start of the training. The people who decided to still physically be on Inishmore Ireland and Avebury UK are so dedicated and amazing and we worked together in such sync and harmony.
We have all stepped it up and below I have what’s been happening.
I write the journeys so that you can fully know you are a part of them and feel the shifts within, as we are One and it is all of us together that are creating such a shift in consciousness and resonating in our Multi-D Diamond Light self.
I am so grateful for all of us as we BeAm.

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We have been given a sacred mission. I was in fact railroaded to organise this journey in November last year. And then a month before flying over to join the group I had an unforeseen circumstance happen that meant I couldn’t physically be there, I realised the training that I had been told I would do had started. That those of the group who choose to still go, that I would work and guide them on the inner planes and via email, What’s App, talking was in fact the start of a whole new way for not only myself but those who decided to still be in the group physically. A stepping up for us personally and for humanity and Earth as well.

A deeper journey into our divine source at a soul level and also a cellular level.
The rock on Inishmore holds codes that were created at the beginning of the Earths experience as a living organism

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