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Transformation in the Transition Zone

In May, we experienced a powerful infusion of the New Reality of AN which has profoundly affected our entire beings. This triggered an immense 11•11•11 RESET which we will continue to experience in June. 11•11•11 RESETS are extremely rare Resets that spread both outwards and inwards in waves upon waves until nothing is left untouched. (The only other 11•11•11 RESET that I know of occurred on November 11, 2011.)

Our challenge this month is to set aside any old resistances and to allow the waves of changes to flow freely throughout our beings. Then, we need to apply this vast RESET into every facet of our daily lives. As we do this, we ground our expanded perspective into physical manifestation through action.

It’s Make or Break Time when much is ON THE LINE. We really have to go forward now into our True Lives. If we try to remain in our old lives and hold onto limited beliefs, we will actually start going further backwards, rather than forward. This will make it more difficult to break free from duality at a later date.

There are many things that we’ve known that we need to release and many qualities that we need to develop. We’ve been aware of these things for several years. But now, we can’t postpone them any longer. We’ve simply run out of time. We can no longer delay the changes that we need to make. We really have to do them now. It’s NOW or NEVER TIME!

There are areas located near the Equator in both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans called the Doldrums. These are the areas that frequently have no wind. In the days of sailing ships, these were dangerous areas to pass through since if there was no wind for a prolonged time, the ship would not be able to travel onwards. Often they would run out of food and water and everyone on the ship would perish.

Some of us are in a state very similar to the Doldrums in our personal lives. We want to change; we want to create True Lives, but feel mired into our old positions. When this happens, we can’t wait for the wind to come from an outside source, because that probably won’t happen. What we need to do is to create our own wind, our own method of propulsion, to step out of our expired ways of being.

We don’t wait for something dramatic to happen. We don’t wait for our old life to collapse so we are forced out of it. Instead, we make small steps forward. We sort through our things and let go of what no longer resonates with us. We start acquiring new skills and special items which belong to our True Life. If we don’t like our job, we look for a new one. But if we do this, we need to cast our nets far and wide, not just in our immediate area.

By becoming the wind and taking the first steps, this will dislodge us from our stuck old positions and set us onto our True Course. Once we do this, is when the Green Lights turn on and unexpected help appears. But we are the ones who must make the first steps.

While we are experiencing and integrating the monumental 11•11•11 RESET, we will be traveling through a Transition Zone for most of June. This month begins with the feeling that we have stepped out of the world we knew, that the old book of our lives containing our tired, old stories has slipped out of our hands and can’t be found. We may feel like we are in between worlds, traversing an expanded, totally white landscape without any familiar markers in it.

Occasionally we will feel strong waves of emotions and old memories coming from the world we are leaving behind. They may stir us up and make us feel that our life is hopeless and that we are hanging on by the thinnest of threads, but this is simply a temporary Distortion Band that we are passing through. One helpful way to discern if you are in a Distortion Band or not is to see if just a few aspects of your life feel hopeless. If it’s just a few things, this is easy to change. But if you feel that everything is hopeless, this is most likely NOT what is really happening; instead you are probably in a Distortion Band, and once you realize this, the Distortion Band will disappear.

All month long, we will feel the waves from the 11•11•11 RESET spreading outwards and inwards, affecting absolutely everything. When the waves are going predominately outwards, we will be propelled into action, wanting to get many things accomplished. And when we feel the waves are going inwards, we will need quiet time for contemplation so we can check our internal compass to make sure that we are still following our truest coordinates.

Energetically, June is going to be an intense and strong month, holding us strictly accountable. For every good person who gives up or leaves the planet, we must renew our determination to see it through. Every time we choose Love and Trueness ~ through our thoughts, emotions and actions ~ we put another log in the fire of transformation.

Monumental shifts are taking place. Let’s delve into them with great openness and Love and let’s GO THE DISTANCE!

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!

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