Emotional Creation Intensifying. Be Conscious of Your Emotional Output!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

output of emotional creation

Holy emotional tidal waves batman!!  The enter focus on ever reading yesterday was all about the emotional field of creation, the only field creation springs from.  There are two ways to really dive deeper into your emotional output, two places to look.  Your personal field first, foremost and all-ways.  Then the collective/people you surround yourself with.  You can be as clear as spring water, but if the people around you are deep in the muck, it will affect your spring water.

water merging.jpg

This an image of only two water ways, image if it was 10 or 20… this is only a positive thing if the mucky waters are there near you for clearing up.  Often times, in our day to day life, it is quite the opposite.

Conscious choice is more key here than ever before.

With all that said, we are all being purposely placed in situations that will evoke…

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