11 Offering / MULUC – Renewal of Spirit: Day 11 of 13

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11 Offering / MULUC

Greetings Kin,

Tone 11 holds the energy of Resolution. Through a new gift of clarity, we can resolve our new way forward. Tone 11 is the day the shaman climb to the Highest Altar. From this place we are offered a Higher Perspective for Inspiration and Direction.

Offering/MULUC is a Day Sign of Atonement. Through an Offering we are reunited with the One Divine Consciousness. The Elders taught that an Offering was a Sacred Exchange where the Gift we bring should reflect the Gift we expect to Receive in exchange. Biblical law demanded that one bring the spotless, the purest, and best. MULUC calls us to bring an Offering of our Self, the sacrifice of a Savior.

Offering/MULUC is the Day Sign of the Moon, Water, and our Emotions. This is a day to Honor our own Emotions, and the Emotions of…

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