Happy SOULstice Gateway! – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Courtesy of Awakening To Remembering

Do you keep trying to “make” that REALity or Do YOU Create ALL NEW REALities with Your NEW (Light) Information

NEW EARTH is Birthed Through Your Deep Inner Connection
Through your DECISION to “Leave” ALL of the OLD (Vibrational Realities)
Through Your Dedication, Commitment and Re-Investing in all new Ways

YOU are the INFRASTRUCTURE and YOU Create the NEW Systems
Through LIVING AS Your Highest Consciousness YOU…

Aloha Beautiful Soul Star Family and Beautiful Multi-Dimensional Light BEings,

YOU will SEE NEW Earth from within you first…. you will KNOW NEW Earth is REAL… now it’s up to YOU to totally CREATE it, by bringing it forth… from within you… through the INTEGRATION OF PURE SOURCE LIGHT…. in every CELL of your BODY (LightBody) and transmitting this OUT into “the world”.  Please continue reading

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.