JAMES GILLILAND – ECETI News Update – 6-15-18

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Hang on we are going through what seems to be a multidimensional hit storm. Almost all the healers I know, light workers, even family members have been seeing what can in most cases be seen as total insanity. People acting like they are possessed or under the influence of something dark. We are all getting a crash course in loving detachment. We are also being pressed to shield up and learn how to clear unseen negative influences. Everything is surfacing, the deep state is being exposed, the lame stream media are proving to be professional pathological liars, friends and family are losing it yet we are not clear on the source. It seems to be coming from multiple sources.

Could be psychotronics, some are seeing dark portals opening up, many healers are seeing people with so many attachments, astral beings, greys, reptillians and serpent beings they don’t know…

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