New Moon Gemini #VISION #Andromeda #Diamond #Lightgrids #PORTAL #REOPENING #22


new-moon-geminiWe have the Gemini New Moon in a few hours and as I’ve been connecting with these energies I’ve felt an overwhelming NEED just to keep anchoring Diamond  Light into Gaia’s Leylines and Gridpoints. Try as I may to get some other information , I was immediately diverted into working with Gaia’s Light Grids.

Finally today after much anchoring and working with the Light Grids when I asked for further infomation as to why was I being constantly guided to work on the Light Grids I was shown the following VISION.

“In the vision that I was shown , there was much activity taking place in a place deep below deep blue waters . Many Light beings ( merfolk in particular) were congregating. They seemed to be congregating for a Big event. And then the knowing came through that this Portal , which has been closed for many many years…

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