LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – What’s Coming is Relative to Each’s ENERGY – 6-13-18 – by Love Has Won

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By Lisa Brown

A beyond powerful day yesterday, beautiful energies and soooo much aligning easily, simply and purely…..

Today, awoke to StarGates aligning/synchronizing constantly and continuously, on like Day 5 of this… which is powerful within itself, because of what it means for REALity….. for each.

Thanks to

Crystalline Grids strongly charging up, lots of movement and cosmic activity….. which correlates to each’s REALity differently, based upon INNER-CONNECTION and who LlVES and inner-acts from our space of REMEMBRANCE and who still holds DUALITY as their inner reality to play out in their external…..

Today is a Cosmic Trigger… and the Cosmic Rays (Radiation)/SOULar Expansion is off the charts with DNA recoding a prominent daily activity, all being moved/pushed/floating into a much higher/LIGHT’r density of “Earth”…..

As we prepare to move through this NOW PASSAGEWAY… through the Solstice Week, which takes each deeper inside and it’s to further let…

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