Zion’s popular Riverside Walk is postcard material

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Temple of Sinawava, Zion National Park The Temple of Sinawava starts the Riverside Walk

Riverside Walk, Zion National Park Poor John is dwarfed by the sandstone walls of the Riverside Walk

One of our favourite outings in Zion National Park was the leisurely and picturesque Riverside Walk, starting at the Temple of Sinawava, a massive stone amphitheatre that unofficially marks the beginning of the canyon.

The temple and the trail that runs alongside the Virgin River have become one of the park’s most popular destinations. Some of the gorge walls rise 1000 feet.

With lush green foliage, humbling views of towering sandstone, gurgling water and wildlife, the walk is pure postcard material.

Virgin River, Zion National Park Views along the Riverside Walk

Virgin River, Zion National Park The beauty of the Riverside Walk

Just over a mile in distance one way, the path is paved and mostly level. We set out in the early morning and there were almost no other walkers. Then traffic picked up.

A lot of people were…

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