Healing 3D/4D Loops In Order To Fly

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There is an ongoing supply of pieces to heal within each of us, no matter where we lie on the spectrum of growth. But what is ascension but growth, maturation, and transmutation?

Our soulstory (feeling no longer to use history) is but strata of compressed and fragmented experience that we left in the wake of our densification. As we begin to ascend more consciously, we find ourselves descending, at times, to unearth what we need to come to terms with so that we can untether from this weight that keeps us in what feels like a perpetual spin cycle. The patterns of experience that a part of us can feel a victim to or guilty of.

When you finally get to a place of owning that you truly create your own reality, you take the handcuffs off that which keeps you in an energetic holding pattern. A looping airplane, neither…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.