Frequency & the Four Winds

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I recently went through a ceremony of “Calling in Of the Four Directions”. A ceremony to honor the four winds. And “offer” and express, healing.

Before I began reading the “invocation” the winds were fairly active. After I went through the reading, the winds virtually subsided. As I finished the ceremony, the winds picked up, once more.

med wheel

When I was honoring the four directions, in my medicine wheel; the birds began flying in all of the four directions. And, at what appeared to be 50 feet above us, was a hawk flying in circles at the time the ceremony had ended. Which I took as a “sign” that what we “offered” was honored.

I also took the fact that the winds seemed to have responded, in recognition of what had been done. Due to the winds stopping, though they had been quite active before the ceremony, while the ceremony…

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