LISA CANFIELD – Ascension Update – Day 3 Of Massive Upgrades – Through Extreme Solar Winds/Geomagnetic Storms – 6-3-18

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By Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,

The Solar winds have been high for the past 3 days bringing Massive Insights and Geostorms. Also with this we are experiencing EXTREME fatigue. I could barely move the past 2 days as this solar wind increased and keeps it’s intensity. Sleep has been difficult as well. Broken sleep or no sleep, yet so fatigued can not do much of anything else.

Massive insights are coming along with these upgrades, so pay close attention to any thoughts coming into your consciousness. These high level thoughts are now designed to evolve each and every one of us. They will show the path, the way and the light through their illuminating aspects.These thoughts come through the Divine Consciousness of All That Is, to us, to help evolve and cleanse us for Ascension and the New Earth.

Once a thought comes in, pay attention and see where it…

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