Empath : A tattoo journey into Female self.


I was dreaming, I was giving birth, when I woke, I understood, it was me, changing, embarking on a new journey for myself. No journey comes without blood, tears and pain, but I was ready to embrace it all. 

I have lived my life, embracing my male side. I was a fixer, the giver of advise, the Light bringer, for 42 years, I thought this is me. The Healer, the negative absorber, the plaster on the cut, but, this is only 1 aspect of me. The fiery me, the go getter. But I want and seek my female self more. I want to explore my heart and soul, without rejection or bullying, of me.  

My conditioning (up bringing)  was strict, I listened to their wisdom, read their thoughts, I trusted it, but it subdued the Real me.  I conformed to it, for love, for acceptance, for a space in…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.