Sarah Varcas: June 2018 Astro-Energy Report: The Alchemy of Emotional Expression

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 Astrology of June 2018, Energy Report, Mars in Aquarius, North Node in Leo, Mercury in Cancer, Eris, Uranus in Taurus, new moon in Gemini, Venus in Leo, Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune retrograde, Pluto in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer, Mars retrograde, full moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Leo

June 2018 finds us in the ‘waiting room’ of the next eclipse season beginning in July. How we manage the waiting, the growing sense of anticipation or anxiety, the mounting tension… or is it excitement?….depends largely on how happy we are to let things fall into place. Or would we rather force them there, before discovering we’ve jammed yet another square peg into a round hole?! Mars in Aquarius conjunct the South Node through June and July reminds us detaching from our desires can be useful when progress is slow. It doesn’t mean we must abandon all hope and give up the ghost, but it can be helpful to turn down the heat on our expectations and demands when the universe has a different timetable to our own! Then we can relax despite the stress…

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