NEW GALACTIC CYCLE: May 30 – June 26: CRYSTAL MOON OF COOPERATION: Time to Welcome the Beauty of a Higher Order!

Awakening Galactic Culture

All of life is a collaboration; a living concert of mystery and possibility. As we each access the wisdom of our higher self, we can cooperate with the unfolding of our deepest potential. As we play our unique roles with integrity and heart, we can trust the higher order of the Universe as it conducts the grand symphony of life.


According to the cycles of The Galactic Calendar, we now have an entire 28 days to focus on exactly that. We are now entering the 12th month of the year: “The Crystal Moon of Cooperation” (May 30 – June 26). You can align with the power of this 28-day cycle by contemplating its key words: “DEDICATE ~ UNIVERSALIZE ~ COOPERATION.”

This is also the Crystal Moon of the Yellow Crystal Seed Year, so we have double the power of the Crystal Cooperation Energy during these 28-days!
On The Galactic Calendar…

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