Happy Full Moon!

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Moon heart art

“The full moon in Sagittarius blooms early in the week, bringing with it yearnings to grow, expand, and optimize our opportunities. Sagittarius loves nothing more than a good quest. This sign believes without a shadow of a doubt that the truth is out there and it has more than enough fire in its belly to inspire us all to seek it out for ourselves. Sagittarius knows that any horse can be led to the wells of wisdom, but that doesn’t mean they will recognize them as such. Each one of us must find our own ways to the hearths that warm our hearts and minds.

The full moon in Sagittarius arrives with some subtlety, though not much sobriety. Sextile Mars, it has some get-up-and-go. Square Neptune, this full moon points to both the power of our imagination and the potency of our delusions, projections, and unchecked anxieties. Neptune untethers us…

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