DIANE CANFIELD – ENERGY UPDATE – Full Moon, Woozy Feeling, Dreams and Telepathy With Animals, Birds And All Other Consciousness Increases – 5-28-18

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Blessings Beloveds,

The energy the past few days has been very uplifting with lots of energy attached to it. You may have been able to accomplish a lot as it has been very focused energy coming in. A few days before this, we had very sluggish energy we were dealing with where even moving was difficult. On those days all I wanted to do was sleep. Those are recharge days that come in between energy surges.

Tonight with the full moon tomorrow morning, there is a woozy feeling that has come in the last hour. The focus of the last few days is leaving tonight to make way for the full moon energy tomorrow. Massively blurry eyes came in tonight along with this woozy feeling. Solar wind has increased by a tiny bit, I am watching this to see where it takes us 🙂 Ascension energy combined with the full…

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