Kp Message 5-27-18… “These ‘Events’ are more than what they seem”

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As of Wednesday, I’ll be leaving for an “event”… the Contact in the Desert event. I am going because I have felt “drawn” to go. Why was I “drawn” to go there? I have no idea.

These things always unveil themselves as the timeline flows. I am not here to “figure out” what the reasons are for attending anything, anywhere. Last year, I attended and after the first day of the event, I felt almost that I had to leave. There was a lot of dense energy about it, the heat was on over there (Joshua Tree, CA), and I felt I had other energy work to do. I was ready to leave. But I believe it was after attending a David Wilcock lecture (“Fall of the Cabal”, or something like that) that it hit that I was to remain for the entire deal. In the end, I felt that…

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