ANASTACIA KOMPOS – 5-22-18 – Last 24 Hours was a major BIG BANG BREAKTHROUGH! – In Spirit – by Ascension Energies – Writing Over Our Akashic Records!

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Anastacia personally shares: While we are in the last days of May, so much has been going on with life saving, literally, healings with many….this is an extremely deep and intricate (interesting word given, as one of the meanings of this word had ‘serpentine’ in it, you will read further on how ‘ironic’ this is) energy update – yet it is what is happening and you are here reading this as you have chosen to know what is going on with our link from Spirit to Soul of the Divine…

Thanks to Ascension Energies

So even if you cannot fully relate, please mark this update for future reference, as there really is so much to this…that needs to come directly from my 6-7D human embodiment energy and 9D in Spirit of our reality that is happening right now…

As this is THREE days of Energy Updates in one!

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