Kp Message 5-26-18… “Be True to the Inner Guide” (so who the h— really cares what all those outer ones are saying!)

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That’s a basic message I trust comes through here, from time to time, at least. I am not here to promote one guide over another. I simply post what my own Inner Guide resonates with. That’s it.

Sometimes I’ll get comments or other things when I post, say, Benjamin Fulford, or Cobra, or even David Wilcock, saying things like, “They’re full of [fill in]”, or “They’re from the dark side / cabal”, or giving me instructions on what I should post. Well, pardon the inconvenience, but I will still post what I “get” to post. And that means what my Inner Guide “gets” to post.

I am not here to convince anybody about anything. I am not here to convince anybody about anyone. Anyone who reads these things placed on this blog are 100% free to follow whomever / whatever they feel are their guides and…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.